Academic Readiness Is Only One Factor

The ACT is an achievement test that measures the academic skills and knowledge learned in school and validated as critical for success in college. Although academic readiness is a crucial factor impacting college and career readiness, ACT research points to three key dimensions of college and career readiness:

1) Academic Readiness—Are students academically ready to succeed in college or career? The ACT College Readiness Benchmarks measure this dimension of college readiness.

2) Behavioral Readiness—Do students show the right behaviors and attitude toward education to increase their chances for success? ACT research suggests the combination of academic readiness (as measured by the ACT) and academic behaviors (as measured by ACT’s ENGAGE™ program) provides a stronger prediction of college and career performance and success than does academic readiness alone.

3) Educational and Career Planning—Are students planning for and following a path to success in their education and career? ACT research shows that students who take challenging courses are much more likely than those who don’t to be ready for college and career. Proactive career assessment, exploration and planning activities encourage students to consider career options so they can plan their coursework accordingly.

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